Weligama Surf School

Learn to surf the waves of Weligama Bay with a dedicated instructor to guide you through the waters.

Nestled amongst palm trees in a secluded part of the bay lays the surf school. Away from the hustle and bustle of the west part of the coast, you will be greeted with warm smiles as you prepare for your time in the sea. Lapped by the clear ocean waves, you will start with a board walkthrough and safety on sand, giving you all the information you need to conquer the waters in no time. Once you are ready, your instructor will lead you into the waves and you will begin the process for real. As you progress more and more during each attempt, you will notice the beauty of the east side of the bay, with the fishermen readying their nets for the day’s catch and birds lining the beach’s trees for shelter. Your guide will remain with you in the water, giving their breadth of knowledge on how to improve your skill each time you catch another wave. After the lesson has finished, rest your board on the warm sand and enjoy a refreshing drink under the shelter of a traditional beach hut


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