Visit Nallur like a local

The Nallur Kovil in Jaffna is a sacred Hindu temple with a rich history and heritage.

From within the town of Jaffna emerges the hallowed Nallur Kovil that traces its roots back to the 13th century. A beautiful expression of Dravidian architecture, the Nallur Kovil boasts a five-storied golden gopuram that reigns high.

First, dress up in Tamil ethnic wear to add a sense of tradition to your Kovil visit. Females may drape up a saree.. A vaisti, which is similar to a sarong, is provided for men. Dressed in traditional wear, head for the Kovil with your host.

The pleasant smell of incense, the sounds of the priests’ blessing and the bell of the Kovil infuse the air as you walk through the Kovil gate. In the southern part of the Kovil is a massive holy pool and on the northern side is a large garden. Learn about this remarkable place of worship as your host regales you with the stories about its history and millennia old religious rituals.

The Nallur Kovil upholds strict religious rituals, and thus before entering the Kovil you should remove your shoes; women should be conservatively dressed and every man must remove his shirt. Taking photographs inside the Kovil is also not allowed.


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