Udawattakele Forest Walk

A walk unlike others in Sri Lanka, this reserve perching above Kandy city centre is still alive with history today.

After meeting at the entrance, your guide will walk you through the 4km stretch of well-preserved land. Placed on a hill ridge, Udawattakele forest reserve which translates to “the garden above the royal palace” is home to a varying number of flora and fauna species. Mere moments into your walk, you will notice the area is rich in diversity. You will come across varying species of trees, all of which help you to breathe in the majesty of your surroundings. One of the most accessible parts of the park is that it is well sheltered by the varying canopy, so you can find shade whenever you need it. Your knowledgeable guide will talk you through the history of the reserve, and bring alive stories that still resonate through Kandyan culture today. Let the macaques’ charm you as they playfully sway from branch to branch, all set to the backdrop of birdsong. About two thirds into the walk is the viewpoint of the Kingdom of Kandy, a stunning vista which takes the breath away. Sip on refreshments as you drink in the view which includes the lake, temple of the tooth and the city in all of its splendour.


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