The Art of Drumming

Learn the vibrant art of traditional drums with a professional drum teacher and understand how they influence Sri Lankan culture

Traditional drums have been the cornerstone of the Sri Lankan’s way of life for more than 2000 years. It is played on occasions of cultural significance and at all stages in the circle of life. Get lessons from a traditional teacher who descends from a long line of professional drummers, in his home 20 mins from Kandy town. Go at your own pace, depending on your speed and mastery. Allow the teacher to enthral you with the distinct colour and history of traditional drum types and uses, over a cup of Ceylon tea. You could ask questions through the provided interpreter. Understand in depth, the importance of music and drums at a traditional value. End the intimate experience with a short harmonisation of percussions with the teacher, after which he would introduce you to an elaborate headdress wound from a very long cloth that you and your family could try on. The teacher is obliging and open, so children would find the experience very enjoyable and educational.


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