Paddies & Plantations

A truly invigorating way to start your day, hop on a bike and cycle through flourishing paddy and cinnamon plantations in the charming southern countryside.

Embark on trails beginning at 12km and glide by unfrequented village life, local temples burning incense and vibrant blue kingfishers flying overhead. There is no better way to experience the local landscape than by bike, an opportunity to really explore its meandering paths and lanes. Peddle past buffalo and egrets, rice farmers and smiling children, looking out for tea bushes, banana trees, jaggery, pineapple plantations and coconut palm.  If you opt for a slightly longer ride, take a break for Thambili (King Coconut) in an ambalama or end with a scenic lunch at Kahanda Kanda to the north of Koggala Lake.


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