Lesser Known Jaffna

Throughout the Jaffna peninsula, important monuments provide a glimpse to a rich history.

Jaffna is a colourful palette of culture, history and religious fervour. The peninsula is dotted with towering kovils and remnants of the past. Always known to be a prosperous land, Jaffna is blessed with the bounty of nature.

Start your Jaffna expedition by visiting the Chunnakam market. The bustling market is a one-stop shop for local produce. Most noticeable are the handicraft items made from different parts of the palmyra and coconut trees.

Next, explore the ancient Naguleswaram Temple in Keerimalai. Believed to have been built in the 7th century, this is one of the five ancient Shiva temples in the country. The Keerimalai pool of spring water is also located in the premises of the temple. Wrap up your temple exploration by witnessing this natural pond, which is believed to contain medicinal properties in its water.


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