Kandy Food Trail

The cuisine of Kandy is inspired by its tapestry of multi-cultural diversity. Follow the food trail to indulge in Kandy’s firm favourites.

Your culinary trail to explore the hill country’s rich cuisine takes you around Kandy, the last kingdom of Sri Lanka’s regal history. A fine display of Kandyan artistry, Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy houses the sacred tooth relic of Buddha. Walk the streets of Kandy and catch a glimpse of its colonial elegance blended within the natural beauty.  The city is dotted with impeccably restored colonial buildings and historic landmarks.

First, visit a local eatery to enjoy freshly prepared vegan dishes, which are staples of the Sinhalese community in Kandy. These nourishing dishes bring to light the traditional culinary recipes of Kandy. You can also catch a sneak peak of what is being cooked in the open kitchen. Next, stop by a bustling restaurant with busy waiters carrying plates of hot dosa and vadei, the clatter of tea making and action packed counters to relish nibbles of traditional dishes made by Tamil households in Kandy. Sample a range of Tamil cuisine with both vegan and vegetarian options.

Back on the road, look for street food galore to get a taste of the island’s delectable flavours. Crispy, salty, spicy and sugary, Sri Lankan street food comes in all shapes and sizes. However, this experience is based on availability as street food is provided by street vendors and food carts wheeling around the city.

Later, drop in at a local food stall that excels in keeping things healthy and fresh while not compromising on flavour. A vegan’s dream come true, you can treat yourself to a range of soya-based food items including snacks, milk and even ice-cream. Bring your food trail to an end by either dropping in at a modern café to tuck into a wholesome salad or visiting a colonial hotel to gulp down a pint of beer.


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