Food For Soul

Compared to its nearest cousins, Sri Lankan cuisine is relatively underrated. Food for the soul takes you from the market to the island’s most iconic dishes.

Curry in Sri Lanka is not simply one dish, but many. A myriad of techniques and ingredients are needed to create the palette of flavours on a Sri Lankan table.  This unique experience starts in the vibrant Galle countryside, travel in your vehicle to a mud-hut kitchen. Here your host will explain the techniques and key ingredients used in Sri Lankan cooking. See how coconut milk is made and create your own delights by trying your hand at tempering, frying, boiling, grating and caramelizing your ingredients. Finally, indulge in the fruits of your labour – maybe even local-style – with your hands!

Hosted by
Local Chef

Your host is a Sri Lankan chef with impressive knowledge of the island’s vegetables, fruits and spices. His conversation in English might take a little patience, but as this is a practical class, you can easily watch and learn how to create a range of delicious local dishes!


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