Exploring Delft Island

Delft Island in Jaffna is a land of history with much to discover.

Start your journey to the Karikadduwan Jetty at 6.45am from Jaffna to get on board the public ferry at 7.50am.

Life on Delft is simple. The earthen homes are surrounded by coral walls. Catch a glimpse of the famed “Growing Rock”, which is said to naturally grow and it resembles the appearance of a serpent. There is also a sprawling Baobab tree, which is believed to be introduced by the Arabic traders.

The Old Dutch Fort is a remarkable reminder of a thriving colonial era. The Queen’s Tower, which has functioned like a lighthouse centuries ago, is yet another monument belonging to the Dutch era. You will also encounter herds and herds of wild horses roaming freely. And finally, relish a simple local lunch with your host.

To reach Delft Island you will need to take a public ferry which is operated by the Sri Lankan government. Surrounded by chatting locals, this is an exciting way to approach Delft, but be aware that the experience may also be noisy, humid and uncomfortable. The journey will take 45 minutes (each way). Very rarely there are too many passengers queuing to board the ferry and you may have to wait for approximately an hour to catch the next one. Please be careful when stepping in and out of the boat.


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