Essence of tea

Learn the subtleties of tasting, grading, blending and brewing tea from professional tea tasters who regularly visit the Sri Lankan tea auction.

Sri Lanka is recognized as one of the best tea producers in the world. You will visit one of the oldest tea producers in the country and get exclusive insights into the production process, and technology used in the different stages of refining, blending and packaging of tea as well as the unique grading process. Expand your knowledge of Ceylon tea by understanding subtle differences in grain, texture, colour, strength and flavour across high, mid and low grown teas. You will also gain an understanding of how different teas can be blended to cater to the demand of global tea markets, with unique preferences stemming from different regions.

Hosted by
Tea Taster

The experience will be hosted by professional tea tasters who regularly visit the Colombo Tea Auction and have academic backgrounds, professional experience and an undying passion for tea. For them, tea is not simply a beverage but a science, an art and a genuine way of life. Their passion for tea is infectious and soon you will start to understand their unique language of tea.


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