Empowering through Education.

Visit a skills development school, set up for this marginalised community.

Set amidst the lush green vistas of Sri Lanka’s Central Province lies the skills development school. It is here you will be met by conscientious staff, (who were also former students) who will guide you through your visit. The staff of the school will sit with you over tea for a chat through the history of the plantation sector in Sri Lanka. This is a unique experience which will enable you to understand why the school is so important to the area. During this experience, you will have the opportunity to directly affect the students’ learning in a positive way by having an informal discussion with them in English.

After a tour of the school you will have the opportunity to venture into the surrounding area to learn the craft of picking tea leaves. After you have learnt this delicate process, take the trail around the plantation to find stunning views of the reservoir and beyond.

*The estate walk and leaf picking experience are optional extras. You can tailor this experience to suit your needs.


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