Dambulla Cave Temple

Led by your host, explore the best preserved cave temple complex on the island, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

There are over 80 caves in the surrounding area, however these are filled with religious paintings that follow the curvature of the rock, overhanging rocks inside create a drip line to keep artwork dry – a traditional technique.  As you walk the path to the caves, appreciate panoramic views of the surrounding flat lands.  Complexes like this were originally prehistoric dwellings before ancient kings donated them to Buddhist Monks.  They served as homes until their decoration as shrine halls.  Of the five you will see, there are three main caves, divine king (14m Buddha), great kings (largest) and great new monastery (50 Buddha statues).

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Your host has lived in Kandy his whole life, growing up and studying here before starting his own family. He has seen the city change much over the years and has an excellent grasp of local culture and Sri Lankan history. His easy-going style lends itself well to guiding others around his country and in 2014 he obtained his guiding license specializing in personalized travel and Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle.


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