Cooking by Color

A great way to easily understand the flavours of Sri Lanka, your delightful host will guide you through a range of home cooked rice, sambols, salads and curries.

Meet your host at home in Colombo’s suburbs, to join a hands-on cooking class, creating a collection of dishes rich in the taste, aroma and of course colour. With her help, craft an array of elements key to a typical Sri Lankan meal whose flavours are a nod to not only her Sinhalese and Tamil friends and neighbours but also her own Malay heritage.  Savour the morning’s efforts together as you all tuck into lunch on the terrace. Her expert yet logical teaching will easily leave you able to replicate recipes back home, especially as you return to your kitchen armed with her recipe leaflet and a sample of her very own freshly ground spices!

Hosted by
Home Cook

Your host has a passion for cooking and sees it as a form of self-expression. She wanted to cook simple, fast and nutritious meals for her children and their friends and named her method “cooking by colour”. This intrigued those around her, so she used these techniques and dishes as inspiration for her now well-established cooking class.


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