Colonial Colombo

Take a step back in time and re-live Colombo’s grand history from the comfort of you classic car, as you pass by buildings inspired by foreign lands.

Colombo life took a dramatic turn in the 16th century when the sleepy sea port was invaded by the Portuguese and developments began. As a new century came, so the Dutch prevailed, constructing decadent churches, hospitals, official buildings and famously, Forts. Colombo’s fort was developed into an administrative base by the British when they arrived in the 18th century. In recent years, many of the city’s most striking buildings have been given government-lead restoration and previously closed-off areas, opened up once more. Explore the city by car, you might even be lucky enough to ride in the same vintage model the Queen had when here!

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Your host is a well-travelled visionary and well-established in the travel industry. His passion is pioneering experiences where guests can connect with the island in a different light, whether this be in the city, the hills or the ocean. Along with his team, he is keen to share his spirit of adventure with visitors to Sri Lanka, with an emphasis on the country’s “true flavour” and the conservation of the island.


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