Colombo’s Backstreets

Walk the streets to the south of the fort in one of Colombo’s most interesting suburbs with a raconteur with a passion for conservation.

The part of the city near Beira Lake known as Slave Island, was named during British Rule but refers to slaves kept here under Portuguese rule and the illusion of an island by the crocodile filled canals that once surrounded it.  Meet your host at the iconic Galle Fort Hotel and explore a part of the city that juxtaposes historic and religious with the more commercial. He will lead you through an assorted cityscape where countless ethnicities live alongside one another, finishing at eclectic Gangaramaya Temple.  Discover why there is a road linked to London’s Kew Gardens and hear many stories inspired by Colombo’s many reminders of the past.

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Your host is a young resident of Colombo with a strong passion for sustainability, architecture, conservation and eco-friendly practices. He is heavily involved with Colombo’s Good Market which advocates fair trade business and also consults for Biosfera foundation, which develops sustainable frameworks for a variety of projects. His background brings depth to his walk, tackling issues like modern development versus conservation.


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