Buddhism’s Birthplace

Revered by Sri Lankan Buddhists as the origin of the religion on the island, Mihintale’s frangipani-fringed pathways lead to stupas, pools and monastery ruins.

During the 3rd century BC it is said that the King of Anuradhapura was out hunting on Mihintale Hill when Mahinda the son of the great Indian Buddhist Emperor, Mahinda approached him. Their exchange lead to the King converting to Buddhism, the construction of religious monuments, a refectory, hospital and 68 caves. During your visit you will be greeted by many resident macaques, Ambasthale Dagoba, Naga Pokuna (Snake Pond) and after a steep climb, breath-taking panoramic views from meditation rock (Aradhana Gala). Continue to Kaludiya Pokuna (Black Water Pond), a local, ancient monastic site where monks still meditate, hidden in surrounding forest.

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With an education rooted in Buddhism and tourism development, your host has worked and studied in Sri Lanka and abroad, developing an infectious interest in Buddhism across Asia. Having lived in Anuradhapura most of his life, his local experiences are thoughtfully developed in an eco-sensitive way, avoiding well-trodden tourist trails for a deeper understanding of Sri Lanka’s ancient kingdoms.


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