Bawa In Colombo

Take a guided journey around Colombo with a focus on Sri Lanka’s great architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Visit his home and his other notable buildings in the city.

Your tour of Bawa’s Colombo begins at Number 11, the hub of Geoffrey’s city life.  Your host is very knowledgeable on Bawa.   You will discover those that worked for him still look after the house and some of the countless stories to be told.  Continue to Gallery Café and appreciate another of Bawa’s triumphs over a drink.  Finally visit Seema Malaka Temple on Beira Lake, which he redesigned in the 1970s .

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Born and bred in Colombo, your host began developing his walk in the city to share his passion for developing authentic and soulful experiences after working for a jungle eco resort in Yala. With a passion for giving back to the community and travel, when not curating experiences for visitors he volunteers at the National Institute of Mental Health conducting art therapy, or hops on his motorbike to a secluded spot to camp and read.


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