A Village Ride

Embark on a voyage of discovery in Sri Lanka’s southern countryside, as your local host takes you along the rural waterways and back roads of Galle.

Begin your journey on a small vessel past the soul-soothing scenery and daily life of rural Galle.  Glide along river banks fringed by local villages, rubber and cinnamon plantations. You might see the occasional tea bush and intriguing bird and reptile life, which your host can tell you about.  Back on terra firma, your next leg is by bike. Take a stunning 9km ride through the region’s heart, picturesque paddy fields, hamlets and their markets.  Your final stop is a traditional mud hut and the reward of a revitalising herbal tea, and fresh Sri Lankan hoppers straight from the fire.  Let us know if you also want to add a traditional lunch.


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