A Taste of the East

Cook Biryani in a hands-on class with descendants of Muslim settlers. Pick, marinade and season ingredients from your host’s garden for your delicious dishes.

Galle was once a trading hub for Arab merchants and with them came many dishes, perhaps most quintessential is Biryani.  Often served at Muslim family celebrations and festivities, Biryani comprises side dishes such as raita, cashew curry, Malay pickle, curried peas and meats and other spiced vegetables that accompany flavoured rice. This lesson in your host’s own kitchen is authentic and fun as you join her daughters to craft a meal which you will all sit down and eat together as a family.

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Your host and her family will greet you as warmly as they would each other. She is renowned in the Galle area for her passion for food and skill to create exquisite dishes which she loves to share in her cooking classes where her three daughters assist her.


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