A Southern Blend

Explore a lesser-known tea plantation and factory not far from Galle and take a trip through tea production from the plantation’s pathways to leaf processing.

Meet your host early morning or late afternoon and walk amongst rolling hills of tea bushes guided past verdant leaves. Hear of the intricacies of tea growth, its history in Sri Lanka and look out for plants and wildlife such as peacocks, lemongrass and versatile jackfruit.  In the morning you are more likely to see brightly clad pickers hypnotically selecting leaves by hand from hidden paths between bushes.  Down in the factory, witness the next steps in the leaf’s passage to your cup as leaves transform from jade to brown.  Follow the flow of the leaves and pinafore clad ladies, enveloped by the unmistakable smell of tea at each stage.

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Your host has lived in Galle for his whole life and will tell an array of stories that will entertain, educate and assist in further exploration of the fort. With an impressive resume including the completion of a masters in Nepal, published Ornithologist, qualification as a National Guide and visiting lecturer for this, German and eco-tourism, he is a fountain of knowledge!


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