Authentic Experiences

Get aquanted with the most unique & authentic experiences of the island to combine during your holiday in Sri Lanka.

We work closely with Pepper Life who we use as a supplier to provide you with these experiences.

In the event that the given experience is unavailable we will provide you with alternative experience for your confirmation beforehand.

Trekking in Knuckles

Named after the range’s resemblance to the knuckles of a hand, an adventure on foot here, is an invigorating way to explore...

The Secret Garden

Get off the more trodden botanical
paths in Kandy. Travel for an hour and stumble upon your hosts' enchanting

The Buddhist Nuns

a guided tour of the Bhikkuni Monastery. A meditation centre focused women who
give everything to follow Buddhism.

The Art of Drumming

the vibrant art of traditional drums with a professional drum teacher and
understand how they influence Sri Lankan culture


Temple of the Tooth

With Kandy Lake on your right, follow the path with your
host to the Royal Palace Complex and Sri Dalada Maligawa...

South Coast Cinnamon

how the Southern Province became producer of the world’s best cinnamon and the
local techniques used, on this guided...

Sigiriya Lion Rock

From lavish lower gardens to fresco-ed walls and
countless steps, explore this celebrated pillar of rock which rises above the

Sensory Sri Lanka

Visitors to Sri Lanka often find themselves facing a mild sensory
assault, this experience offers the chance to explore a sensory...

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