About Us

Scarleo Holidays is a family owned travel company with over 50 years collective experience in running tours & holidays in Sri Lanka.

We take utmost care in planning the perfect experience for your holiday to Sri Lanka and Maldives, from the designing of the itineraries to ensuring your holiday goes smoothly.

It is our mission that each and every one of our guests should have a memorable holiday experience. We were born and raised in Sri Lanka, worked in the hospitality industry for two generations, so let us show you around our motherland like family.

Over our many  years of experience, we have developed relationships with all the hotels in Sri Lanka enabling us to provide you with the best rates.

We also have a large database of some of the most experienced guides/ chauffeur guides in the country. We personally inspect and test the vehicles used in our tours to ensure that you are provided with a comfortable vehicle for your tour.

After all, the service quality and care of your guide will make a vast contribution to how much you enjoy your holiday.

Embark on a journey through an amazing heritage, vibrant culture, local cuisine to die for, virgin rainforests, unspoiled tropical beaches, the best wildlife safaris outside of Africa, 8 UNESCO heritage sites and much more.

We are available 24hrs for any assistance during your tour and will meet you personally at the end of your tour to get your feedback personally.

Our services include

Inbound tours to Sri Lanka & Maldives

Disabled Friendly Tours

Hotel Reservations



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